Professional Software Development for Business Needs

If you are looking for well known and experienced development agencies in the UK to create software for your business, you can rely on our professional team because we offer hundreds of customized solutions to a wide range of industries. Our developers can create all kinds of products online from cloud solutions to e-commerce platforms, mobile and web apps, rapid response sites, content management systems and other very useful business tools.

We develop customized all-purpose software using the latest technology and cutting-edge tools to improve your business performance and resolve new customers. Our ambitious and enthusiastic developers face challenges by creating software that brings valuable value. Among the successful pilot products we produce are customer relationship management systems for large transport companies, educational programs for students from prestigious universities in the UK, online reservation systems and accounting systems for leading retailers. United Kingdom.

How do we develop custom software?

It is necessary to develop customer-oriented solutions to build trust and loyalty among consumers, or to develop back-end systems to improve the efficiency of internal business processes. Our experts can provide easy-to-use, multi-purpose software products that meet all business requirements and serve your customers. Our business analysts need time to fully understand your business and the target audience to come up with the most effective solution that best fits your workflow, including:

  • Web-based software with cloud, remote, local or multi-tenant databases;
  • Reactive front-end sites hosted by database operations;
  • Managed network program and multi-user customer relationship management system;
  • A suite of apps including integrated front-end, backend, B2B and B2C software;
  • Desktop programs and local databases or cloud databases that can be synchronized with the central database system;
  • Native software with remote or local database for smartphones and tablets.

Advanced solutions for specialized developers

We have developed an enterprise system that uses the following technologies:

  • Safe shipping mode;
  • QR code scanner (barcode) for online purchasing, purchasing and administration systems;
  • Customer-oriented apps that can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones anytime, anywhere to provide information and functionality to users anytime, anywhere;
  • Notify the user of recent events and the behavior of the time management app - there is no need to rely on memory or the handwritten list;
  • Automatic reports to understand the business quickly and accurately;
  • Predict inventory levels to minimize risk and keep inventory at optimum level.

In addition, our experts can combine your program with any software and tools you need: an existing business plan, an online payment system, a sales tool, a social network, and so on.


Business Software Creation Process

We have a great experience in all popular technologies and development tools like HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, CSS3, Web services and much more. Our qualified project manager will understand the progress and steps taken by the developer in the development process. Customers will be able to make the most of all the content we develop. So if you are not invited to actively participate in the development, they will be able to play with the product and make any change in the impossible way.

Customers need to decide how they want to apply for outsourced software development. Our Certified Professionals will take care of everything regardless of the method you want, we have many years of experience in this field, and sometimes we can accurately predict what customers are looking for. Let us thrive your business together. We have the ability to provide customized app development solutions that will positively impact your business. We will not pass the schedule and will deliver the project within the scheduled time.

The process of developing the waterfall is a very effective way for some cases. The client provides a set of specifications and requirements for the process and receives the complete design in the response. This is simple and simple. Using this method, the client defines the rules, descriptions, and requirements at the beginning of the project and receives the project based on all the content defined at the beginning. It initially defined the time and cost of software development. The project is delivered within a predetermined time and within a fixed budget. Many customers have chosen waterfall software development services because they are simple and convenient. There is no misunderstanding, everything is clear and simple.

Agile development methods are designed to improve the traditional process. The flexible approach is flexible because developers can quickly respond to changing needs through collaboration, feedback and iterative development cycles. Agile creates a process that is an alternative to the overall development of the classic waterfall method life cycle. Scrum is the most popular platform for agile, simple and flexible project management. Scrum provides feedback in a short time, teams of self-organized developers and fully operational products. Agile methods will be very effective if you have nothing but the idea of ​​future products because we can implement changes at all stages of development, avoid global reorganization, and save time and money.

In our digital company, we create friendly, secure and efficient web applications that work across all popular browsers and fit all screen sizes. The working hours of the most modern people are not limited to 5 days a week, 9 hours a week. Today, business owners face the needs of their documents, contacts, events and other business information - this is exactly what the web application is offering. Ready to access all business processes. Our programmers can develop the full content of the mobile enterprise system to increase mobility, provide remote access to employees, and customize tools to build a brand commitment and enable the customer to connect.

A web application is a program that runs in a web browser in the same way as a mobile program that is running on a smartphone or tablet. This means that you can access the mobile device application and use the browser to download it. Programming Web applications has been very popular in recent years. This growth is mainly due to their availability - you can access them from any device where you install the browser and it is vital to be able to access these devices from your smartphone, because most people now prefer to go online to from your mobile device You can use them without downloading and installing.

Property rights

Who will have the source code?

Our primary focus is to provide an application that provides a broad user experience for our customers. We are also committed to building long-term business partnerships with our customers, so we guarantee that you will have an enjoyable time to cooperate with us. After completing the work, you will obtain the intellectual property of the final product:

  1. You will not pay a license or any other fee because you are the legal owner of the product and its source code.
  2. Our company does not use its own tools, plug-ins or other technologies to create products. This means that the lifecycle of your program is unrestricted and any developer can change the program's lifecycle if you need to provide any software conversion.

We are always committed to provide first-class products, the equivalent of your hope, increase business costs, is because, after the end of the real work, we will never leave. Our specialists continue to support, improve and upgrade products to ensure that customers can get every possible product. To ensure efficiency, we:

  • Write the requirements specification in the project and explain everything without using certain terms that you can not understand.
  • Train employees to use the software in their place or in the London office. However, you probably do not need training because our program is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support, additional fees, providing immediate troubleshooting and online support 24/7 for our specialists.
  • Managed procedures, using our managed services for additional charges. We can have high-speed, secure and scalable host for those who do not wish to install the server on local special hardware to provide many benefits.

Over the years, we have created web applications that offer the following features:

  • Encourage social events, allow users to add friends, share messages, create user reviews and comments.
  • Standard automated programs, data processing, report creation, content control, printing, and other operations.
  • Get feedback from users, review strength to monitor custom traffic and activity, and collect customer information.
  • Use graphical widgets to track project progress, monitor resources, and select critical or important data.
  • Provide advanced self-help features to reduce weight on the customer support team.
  • Use advanced features to provide different levels of access to software functionality.

Responsive web application design

All of the applications we create are design-sensitive to ensure they are operated by different devices. Responsive design allows the software to be adjusted for any display, whether it is a desktop computer, a smartphone, a cushion, or a laptop. All program items are tailored to screen resolution to ensure ease of use and ease of use - menus, controls, buttons, text boxes and so on.

Why should we work?

If you need to create a company web application to manage your company costs, distribute a web solution between clients or programs that will provide customers with information about products and services, we will provide the least possible time to deliver solutions that will be Your target audience and the employee's favorite product.

Any business area of ​​the software development process, starting with the research, needs and needs of your industry, in addition to planning audiences and identifying long-term business goals. There is no doubt that we will be a rich experience transferred to your product and in the process of developing the project to bring forth many good ideas. Depending on the needs of our business, our digital agents can provide a wide range of web apps that meet your needs and your needs.

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