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An online marketplace for fashion vendors and shoppers.

A mobile platform provides access to the latest trends of well-known fashion brands for everyone offering alluring discounts. The idea of our customer was to bring highly customised offers to the mass audience and increase vendors’ sales. Our task was to make this platform convenient for both vendors and customers creating a personalised shopping experience. Our team focused on the creation of intuitive UI design and easy-to-use administration console. We integrated users profiles, filters, and proper display of goods. Thanks to a cache collecting mechanism news feed provides users with customised experience.



A mobile recruitment application for job hunters.

Our customer approached us to build a mobile application that will become a useful tool for job hunters and HR agents. The application let users create profiles of two different types for those who are looking for a job and those who are looking for an employee. Thus, job hunters can easily access essential corporate information from company’s background, news and vacancies, while HR agents can check users’ CVs. The mobile app simplifies and streamlines recruiting process with an ability to apply to the relevant job offer and get feedback from HRs in real time.



A mobile solution for skills tracking for gym visitors.

Our customer asked us to build a customisable and easy-to-use application for monitoring gym visitors’ achievements keeping them in the loop and letting them boost their engagement. The app provides 24/7 access to a completely personalised online skill charts providing real-time achievement information. We also integrate multimedia features which support instructional videos. The application is available for both iOS and Android devices and is backed up with web technologies.



An informative mobile application for Arkansas citizens.

The idea of the app was to present the study of the voting records of the local legislators. Our task was to make this application intuitive and show the information in a convenient and user-friendly way with legislators pictures, district map, and their votes for bills. So that Arkansas citizens were always aware who better represents their opinion on the General Assembly and could make base on facts decision on the next election.



A handy mobile application for inventory management.

In collaboration with our customer, we have developed a useful tool for automating the inventory process. Our client was a retail equipment renting to multiple merchants and needed one unified tool to manage the inventory with barcode recognition features. Additionally, we were asked to integrate a third-party software, their accounting system. We created a mobile software that automates and simplifies the record keeping letting company employees to form their routes which they should visit in correspondence with trade location. Barcode scanning let automatically compare the real data with the one that is presented in the integrated accounting program.

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