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for a good designer to help you develop your app and project design? We are pleased to offer you our service!
Our main goal is to provide high-performance, innovative, multifunctional and visually appealing mobile apps. We adhere to the excellent standards of creativity and technological superiority.

Our experience

We have an impressive and diversified portfolio of successful projects. Our customers are the core driving force of the development process, so that each and every project is only professional, experienced and talented designers and developers of our agency to get the best service.

Our team has experience:


  • Excellent iOS design - iPhone and iPad, and also Apple Watch: The designer creates a great view of the software on any gadget.
  • Layout format: the arrangement of visual elements on the page, design the perfect interface.
  • Photo design: visual communication through graphics, images and words, including planning and projection.


  • UI project: visualization of user interface and app interaction.
  • UX Design: Optimize tools for user-friendly and intuitive use.
  • Icon / template design: Logo design for on-the-market software products and computer systems.
  • UI / UX Test: Tests the customer to see if the product is user friendly and easy to evaluate.
  • Brand layout: the implementation of your brand of products, increases the immediate public popularity.

Our designers are committed to innovation and are a breakthrough. We are proud of our unique design and spend a lot of time studying contemporary layout development and implementing it in our products.

As a professional design company, we try to use modern technology to protect the best client software.


Our iOS designers meet the three most important rules:

Create a favorite user app. This rule allows our products to cross the rival software market. Keep in mind that there should always be a monetized or increased return on the investment business. We have created the possibility of creating recipes through software programs. The design must be an efficient combination of robust functionality and user-friendly layout.


On the internet, the concept of "design" gained a controversial word and became a polysemic word. For someone, it is related to the appearance of the image and object design, including the layout and color of the user interface; to the other - this is the complete technique created by the app.

  • Therefore, we are here to present a complete development process, including the UI / UX design.
  • Interview clients: to determine business goals and needs;
  • Dedication of mission priorities: get happy results at the lowest price;
  • Research: We consider similar initiatives from competitors to understand what we should pay attention to, make software program products better than current alternatives;
  • Picture of the target market: at the same time, we establish common sense and extensibility of the project;
  • Model introduction: a program can click on the draft, the proposed app, how to operate;
  • Design UI / UX: designers create a large number of interface layout, so that this particular function select the most attractive and user pleasure;
  • MVP: software developers write programs;
  • Testing and Improvement: The Quality Assurance team performs several tests, discovers and gets rid of any errors, implements new code adjustments, we will see the product again until it meets our high business standards;
  • Version: we offer the product to the consumer and put it in the store. We also offer a variety of post-release support and maintenance.

Our app design agency is designed to meet all customer requirements and complete the professional team using proven methods such as standard waterfalls or agile modern Scrum practice, Crystal and other methods.

Our iOS designers benefit from the development of the configuration system and provide full control over this situation. As a result, we ensure a seamless software design process and its continued involvement in the creation of the iPhone program and our experience - these are part of a successful partnership.

Commercial app development

The emergence of smartphones in the market and the accessibility of Wi-Fi allow entrepreneurs to adopt new options to improve their productivity and improve the customer experience. Advanced Thinking Marketers tries to design complicated software for the company to streamline workflow and improve internal collaboration or small apps to help:

  • Covering the global target audience, increase the customer base.
  • Keep loyal consumers offering them time availability and get reward through excellent deals Increase traffic in mobile apps, search engine optimization, and social networking to better understand and promote brand;
  • Enhance the customer experience, to provide a comprehensive capability of superb design.

App development gives businesses new opportunities to increase the customer's potential by tapping their fingers to get what they need.

With the development of mobile software is a wide range of areas, our designers pay special attention to Apple's development requirements. This is another extra reason why we are different from others - we focus on the work of a specific area.

Hire our team and you can ensure that you work with the best iOS app designers on the market. Years of experience, high level of creativity and innovation, with special attention to detail and more help us to create excellent products.

Use the graphic design: the base, the clean look better attracts the user. And in the overall performance indicators of the site, a simple and flat layout, a high resolution is better than the complex. It can drive more visitors to the site, page views, and average site time.

Select Responsive Design: Responsive sites can mechanically and properly load all accessories belonging to the customer. If you are a personal computer or a mobile phone, make sure that visitors can access your site. This will allow more visitors to use the site online, which also means that their online presence grows.

Research Mobile Software Development: Again, the great reputation of mobile devices, you should consider the development of mobile apps. More people tend to use smartphones to buy or quickly find the product information they find. When running software programs on mobile devices, make services and products more easily for a wider audience.

Developing bespoke business software will allow you and the target users:

  • Brand of sale
  • Master the customers involved in your services and products;
  • Generate more customers;
  • Make the transaction more concentrated;
  • It is easier to complete the operation;
  • Just tap the smartphone to access the business;
  • Find your business because the app can integrate addresses;
  • Integrate social network accounts;
  • Support customer engagement and relationships.

Apple has a certain demand for layout, can help them to distinguish. They firmly support the designers to maintain these requirements. When creating the product, we also consider Apple's tips, adding some brilliance and increasing the chance of approval during the audit submission. IOS provides tools and technologies that enable designers to take full advantage of the platform to ensure that native design and presence have some advantages that differentiate iPhone from other smartphones. In these tools, we can Xcode the interface constructor and UIkit and another named structure. These tools allow you to create a user interface from scratch, customize your user interface according to your particular possibilities, and deploy user icons that hold popular fonts in some well-known user interface. Thus, the program seems to be specific, but also according to the expectations of customers. The integration of familiar and predictable factors allows the user to navigate the application flawlessly and guide them to feel that they are under control. This effect creates a certain reputation.

Clear. Our designers maintain clear text content throughout the system, and clear icons send messages to their customers about their features. The layout should be clear and not affected. It should focus on the functional and subtle visual elements that highlight the content of the key content.

Respect. UI design needs to help users interact with content material without competing with them. The content should be the most important, while the interface - smooth ventilation.

Depth. Design the wonderful visible level, we can take the hierarchy and provide a better vision and understanding. Contact and discovery capabilities help you access functionality without ruling out the context. The feeling of depth leads to a sense of participation in the app.

iOS app designers by implementing smooth motions and colorful animations, to create an interactive, clear interface, an increase of users and content between the material connection. Viewing consumers' interest in the iPhone program embellishes their participation and improves customer feedback. Intuition, realism and some predictability make the UI easy to use, so fascinating.

The multidimensional display touch of Apple has a strong feeling that allows customers to perform some operations on your application without starting. Designing plug-in shortcuts without having to start our team will help customers save time and use their program more efficiently. You can allow customers and people to view messages, reply notifications, app search, and so on.

The iOS application should allow the user to know, he should allow the user to recognize that he handles his commands. The designer ensures that the program provides noticeable comments for each user's actions. Interactive factors, including buttons, hyperlinks, and other factors that can be highlighted or pressed; if an operation requires long-term users to see signs of progress in the state of operation, additional animations and sounds may be a good way to realize the outcome of the action. The timing of user behavior and observed effect is an important factor in the layout, resulting in a greater sense of performance.

World-class iOS application designers are ready to help your project

Our company has an experienced and very professional team of iOS developers, bringing design, development and strategy. For each new and existing customer, we want to give the best. We make every effort to design and develop software. The results you expect are world-class solutions developed and designed based on the latest trends.

So if you need to talk to your competitors, create the best brand image - choose our company to create a good design.

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We offer free consulting services for iOS application design and development, so do not hesitate to call us and ask questions or just have a conversation on the iOS software concept. Our designers will be happy to hear your comments and create a good application to carry out all our experience and creativity.