Google Now

Name Invention of the Year for 2012 Google Now is a Personal Assistant for the Android Operating system. And like all good personal assistants, Google Now will give you the information you need before you even realize you need it.

Using “cards” pulled for your Gmail account Google analyzes the type of information you most use and then keeps that information updated and ready for you in real time. You can now know what the weather is like outside before choosing your morning outfit, know what the traffic is like prior to even getting into your car, and be assured you never miss your wife’s or secretary’s birthday again.

Here are just a few of the other information Google Now can make sure is at hand.

  • Real life sports scores
  • Meeting reminders and times
  • Upcoming local events
  • Stock reports
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations.
  • Important news
  • Traffic on your route and an alternate root.
  • It will also use voice command to locate the nearest eatery or barber shop.

By getting the most current updates exactly when you need them, you’ll never be later for child’s soccer game or again or forget that important report that is due. Google Now helps you keep up and on top of all those things in life so you can concentrate on the more important things.

Google now allows you to feel like a local whether you are as it can update you on local places to visit, routes to get where you’re going, and even the best places to eat and stay. While Google now has been praised for instantly providing information in a clean and intuitive manner it does make consumers realize just how much information that Google has collected about them.

While most See Google Now as a way to streamline and help order their daily lives some will feel as though “Big Brother is indeed watching” their every move on the Internet. Depending on who you are Google Now will either be one of the best new apps to come around in a while, or will feel like a complete invasion of privacy. For now Now seems to be viewed more as the former rather than the latter.

However, it should be clear that Google Now’s intention is for good not evil and is just one more way where Google innovation and technology is leading the way in the realm of what is not only possible, but probable for mobile devices.