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As a leading app development agency, we have great experience in development high performance native mobile apps including all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. In addition, as an HTML5 development expert at our agency, we can also create cross-platform apps that will run across multiple devices.

Mobile Application Development Services

London app development service can use proven development strategies to implement our projects to create the right programs to meet your agency, industry or vertical needs.

Our software development services include:

  • Business Search and Analysis Requirements
  • User Experience Test (UX)
  • Design Architecture
  • Project management and professional development
  • Multiplatform mobile development and extensive integration of expertise
  • Strict quality assurance test (QA)
  • Timely delivery and budget are completely transparent
  • Get help with AppStore, App World, Google Play and Marketplace

Rapid development of mobile technology. Our internal development team in London is always focused on the latest trends. In recent years, developers have created fierce competition for iOS and Android. So if you want to choose from thousands of service providers, you must have great experience in design, programming and management. Our institutions have a solid foundation in all these disciplines in the mobile development industry, so we are fully aware of how to build great software for any complexity.

  • Concepts and Strategies - Since our London development agency is involved in software creation, we take each project seriously. We always explain and determine how to create a product and its functionality to make it valuable to your team and users.
  • User Experience - The purpose of UX is to provide a simple, intuitive and engaging program. The process begins with an interactive prototype that discusses the various features and options of UX. When we are clearly identified, we analyze the different design styles and set the direction for future work.
  • Optimization and Development Services - Our London team is comprised of experts with a variety of mobile platforms to develop professional knowledge. We are differentiated program professionals who have increased the experience of higher capacity smart devices or higher operating systems.
  • High Quality, Quality Assurance and Release Service - As the number of smart devices with multiple screen sizes increases, you should check to see if the program will work in all sizes. We have a wide range of smart devices that cover all the latest and most popular versions of Android and iPhone and old smartphones. We will not load the product on the AppStore or Google Play until we complete the complete review and processing of the test.
  • Evaluation and Analysis - In our agency, we ensure that the programs we have developed have successfully passed the test period and that our customers have enjoyed the benefits of using them over a long period of time. Whatever the concept of planning the facts, it is always exciting to see user estimates that the way they use the app and the features they are most interested in are always exciting.

Our London institutions adhere to a fair and transparent pricing policy. We are involved in many fantastic unique designs, each of which is a unique case.

Depending on workload, program characteristics, number of people involved in development and other factors, the price can range from £ 15,000 to over £ 100m. On average, we are from £ 30,000 to £ 500,000 of the project.

To answer this question more precisely, we need to talk and discuss the details: their purpose, taste and requirements.

If you are going to put capital into the industry's top-of-the-line solutions, have corporate ideas or just want to navigate the world of B2B software, do not hesitate to contact us!

The smartphone is a new real computer, so the ability to use a mobile device to perform a key transaction can greatly increase the effectiveness of the business workflow.

Mobile app should be simple to use, and can provide the right information. Research shows that the average London employee uses the smartphone dozens of times a day in a few minutes. To execute a transaction process within 60 seconds, you need to simplify the entire process.

When you choose our London app agency, you can be sure that your company will have the right app to solve all the existing workflow problems.

Getting the right procedure is critical, which will give the user a desire for convenience, mobility and simplicity. To understand value and see return on investment quickly, our organization will help you develop a strategy that focuses on one or more aspects.

Existing production processes: the agency has invested time and money in these businesses, is fundamental to the agency and knows the use of digital technology to improve its needs.

Workflows that affect key business drivers: These agencies can improve business responsiveness and gain a competitive advantage by focusing on workflows that increase revenue, increase revenues, or reduce expenses.

The client is oriented towards a large number of workflows: a good rule of thumb for ensuring the success of mobile apps, such as customer base, customer contact, high value, and a significant number.

Applications monetisation

Our London office has a wealth of experience developing solutions that not only optimize workflow but also generate revenue. There are three basic ways to monetize your app: you can make money, display ads, or create a download price.

Making money from advertising is easy - just sign your account on a supported ad network and publish your app on an open ad network.

The details of each network are different, but in general, every time you see an ad, you earn your earnings and click on it.

You can provide users with a free program in exchange for displaying ads that support your agency.

One of the simplest ways to profit is to invest in your app. The easiest way is the easiest thing to do: you just need to publish the product on the App Store or Google Play, sign up for the system, and determine the app price.

You can also consider selling the app to other stores, such as Amazon Appstore.

The following steps are to help potential customers find the app. There are many ways to implement it from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to create free programs in order to deliver the way to pay it. Paid app works best when content or your services are provided with unique content.

In general, to create a successful monetization program, you should spend some marketing time. Our agency in London have a specialized marketing manager team and will be happy to offer app strategy and promotion.

Benefit from the possibility of applying

According to the strategic criteria, the agency will benefit from the mobilization of seven business solutions:

  • Customer Oriented Applications: Remove barriers in the customer experience, allow customers to engage in activities without having to dial the central line or go in person to the store. This helps to reduce the level of decline, to avoid relationships with competitors. A national insurance provider, after learning that the network's registration fell by 30%, mobilized the account development system because the system did not have a mobile version.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Provides the best service for potential customers and customers with the ability to generate sales quotations and request discounts from mobile devices. When the seller can update potential customers and accounts anytime, anywhere, future revenue also has a greater predictability.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM): To provide customers with faster service, immediately provide inventory information. Imagine if the customer is browsing retail store inventory and the employee can access the SCM system response questions on the smartphone.
  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP): Eliminate process bottlenecks and provide managers and managers with travel. Passing these tasks requires that busy leaders return to the work area, and when they do not end quickly, the business is blocked. With our agency producing apps, purchase orders can be approved in one day instead of 10 days.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tool: Enables faster, more informed decision-making by mobilizing important dashboards and reports. Mobilizing business analysis and investigation will help line-of-business managers make faster, more informed decisions that will affect the bottom line.
  • Human Resource System (HR): Provides fast performance gains, mobilization processes such as expense reports, schedules, and time-to-pay (PTO) requests. These required tasks are often difficult to access, so the human resources department is involved in the employee problem. We can develop mobile solutions that allow employees to submit expense reports for their smartphones.

By moving your agency, your business can change the way you earn and retain customers and optimize and improve your internal processes. Mobilizing businesses helps improve customer satisfaction and drive the good start of employees.

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