4 Tips For Beginners in App Development

App Development can be a tricky business if you are not accustomed to the nuances, strategies and enigmas related to it. For most app developers out there, building an app is easy; the tricky bit lies in marketing your app.

If you have had a change of heart and maybe plan to switch for painting to app development, here are a list of 4 aspects you must remember before you open your standard 9 C++ books.

#1: Know Your Device

Before you start developing your app, use the device you wish to develop it for extensively. A lot depends on the platform you will be developing the app for. App development has a basic set of rules for android devices; similarly IOS has its own set of rules and programming factors. Read up on various trials and tribulations offered by these platforms. Understand the guiding principle behind them before you set out. Keeping your mind open about what you learn about your device will have you better prepared.

#2: Know Your Users

This is the second most important aspect you have to keep in mind. Before you develop your very first app, designate its genre and its target users. If the app is for college students, make sure it appeals to the intellect and ideals of young minds rather than having a dull UI which would only have them delete your app. So knowing your target users will not only help you develop your app accordingly, but maybe in a short period will alleviate the ranking of your mobile app.

#3: Stick to Basics

If you know JavaScript, stick to that language for your first app. Do not go about learning new programs like Swift or Objective C just to make your app more appealing. This will not help as it will only lead to errors, since you’re not accustomed to the alien codes. Use what you know instead of incorporating new technology you might have just come across. If your first app is successful, you can go ahead and learn more languages and skills for your future endeavours.

#4: Test and Re-test

Don’t just go ahead and launch your app in the market as soon as it’s ready. Test it yourself. Check for faults and errors. Have peers and other developers check it out for you so that you receive a second opinion. Users will look for apps that stand out in the market, so make sure you meet their needs before you launch your app. A thorough dry run will make sure your app is suitable for the World.

Keep these aspects in mind, and you will find yourself flourishing in the app business soon enough.