Mobile App Company: We Develop Software That Matters

We endeavour to design stunning visuals and implement advanced technologies that appeal to users.

Our web company has expertise to deliver first-class smartphone apps for iOS and Android, integrate software and hardware solutions, create bespoke software and design complicated enterprise systems. We build custom apps that bring businesses to an entirely new level and create mobile apps that disclose fresh business ideas to the market.

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Enterprise Software Development

Here at our mobile app company, we have been providing small to large size businesses and startups with first-class bespoke software that transforms the way they operate. As mobile technologies have been becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday lives, they also gain more influence in the business environment. Smartphone apps have numerous advantages and can serve many purposes from reaching out to your customers to automating routine processes and increasing employees mobility. Bespoke software, business branding, graphic design website creation, marketing strategies, search engine optimisation - it is impossible to name all the digital services we provide. Our development process fully transparent and our experts closely communicate with our client to ensure that the end product fits into the business and meet the requirements.

The Benefits of Enterprise Apps

Our experts can boast a number of large-scale projects for internationally recognised brands. Our digital products are used in medical centers, railway companies, logistics enterprises, governmental organisation, in retail and other areas of business. Bespoke apps are indispensable for companies where the employees who work in the field have to keep in touch with the staff in the office. For example, a logistics company that has a mobile solution can monitor its trucks and deliveries, optimising routes and delivery time. Warehouses can benefit from apps that keep track of supplies and search for items fit with QR codes.

Mobile Applications for your Business

Our Bespoke Software Solutions for the any Industry

Mobile apps bring many benefits to any business niche. For instance, one of iPhone apps developed by our digital company, enables the medical center to estimate treatment costs. It stores a detailed medical history of every patient and calculates the cost of medical procedures. As a result, the solution has become an efficient asset management tool that helped the healthcare company focus on the patients rather than financial issues.

You Can Build Software for Any Purpose

Applications can be used to manage energy consumption, to train your employees, to store corporate documentation and so on. For example, we have designed a program with a training module that helps the newcomers at a large international company to learn about the company’s processes. Since the introduction of the app, the company’s employee training time reduce by 80%.

Our Digital Products

Our vast expertise in a wide range of digital solutions from bespoke software to startup MVPs (Minimum Viable Product), make us the exceptional outsourcing agency to build a quality application for your business. Our talented developers are skillful in software development for all existing platforms, meaning, that we can provide you with solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, wearable devices, websites, and more.

iOS Development for iPhone and iPad

Our mobile developers build outstanding customisable apps for iPhone and iPad. More than a hundred of our apps are available in App Store, proving that we have a deep understanding of the iOS operating system, its features and nuances. Our specialists are also experienced in corporate solutions that seamlessly integrate with companies' software. We guarantee you that all our products are consistent with Apple’s standard and will pass Apple's approval process without difficulty. iOS is the platform that businesses prefer due to its security, functionality and stability.

Android Design

With Android being the most popular mobile platform in the world, it is a sensible choice to develop an app for Android to cover the largest audience of the owner of different smartphones and tablets running this OS. We like the Android operating system very much and strive to utilise all its extensive functionalities to deliver highly efficient and feature-rich tailor-made apps. Our designers and programmers stay abreast of the latest Android trends and provide development services across all smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Android development is the best option for those who seek to reach out to the manifold Android device owners.

Windows Apps

Not only does our agency develops for the leading mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, but also has an entire team that specialises in Windows design. The primary representatives of the Windows devices are Nokia smartphones. Hiring our specialists to design a Windows app, you ensure that the job is in the hands of the skillful experts who have mastered the Microsoft environment to the full.

Mobile Development Company to Trust

At our web development agency, we have a broad experience in mobile app creation, which our portfolio clearly demonstrates. Our clients range from startups to long-established businesses and charities. The scope of our work and the technical innovations our company utilises have brought us the expertise to navigate you through software development projects of an complexity. Keep reading, and you will find more about software development in general and our services in particular.
Website Design

Our web design firm had been working on creating beautiful websites since the times when there were no smartphones on the mobile scene. We have built some of the user-friendly and visually appealing websites that you most likely visit every day. Besides, we have also created simpler landing pages that accompany startups projects and different commercial products. Our web team are experts in HTML5, CSS3, PHP frameworks, e-commerce platforms, content management systems and other custom web services, and bespoke web design.

Security and Support

We care about the security of your data. Our servers are secured with the most reliable firewalls and are regularly updated to ensure stability and safety. Our digital agency’s experts are always aware if anyone tries to access the system unauthorised and timely prevents hacker attacks and other dangers of the world wide web thanks to proactive monitoring tools. To supply you with an excellent tailor-made website, we assign an enthusiastic team of expert developers, managers and designers who work hard to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Our experts will also provide you with invaluable advice on any questions you have in mind and help you develop a proper online marketing strategy.

How we create your mobile app

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Mobile Friendly Design
Post-Launch Services

If you are not sure whether your product will be in demand or are not ready to invest into a full-scale mobile solution, we can help you create a prototype of the future software that you will be able to show to the finders as a support to your ideas. We can also develop a minimum viable product, that is a fully working application with the minimum set of functions that is created with the aim to test your idea on the real-life market environment. You will be able to collect user feedback, analyse traffic and optimise the product for future worldwide release.

To start with, our design specialists meet with the client to discuss every detail of the future design strategy. As the result of the interview, the designers creates the colour schemes that will be used for the app, and app icon, implementing there all the major branding components. Then the team create graphic images and screens that reflect the business persona of your company and worked out based on the target audience wishes.

With millions of apps available in the leading mobile marketplaces, it is crucial for your digital product to stand out from the competition. Our web design agency has an experienced team of designers who will turn your ideas into an engaging and breathtaking user experience. The communication with you is an essential part of app development process and we want the clients to be fully involved into it from start to the final stage of the product launch.

At our website development company, we never stop until a working product is built. We polish, update, test and support it throughout the entire lifecycle, making sure that it it visible, protected, up-to-date and efficient. Our mobile specialists ensure that your program does not fall into oblivion and make everything to maximise its value. Our digital agency submits your program to software stores and one it is approved, supports it, monitoring performance, resolving user issues and introducing regular updates. These maintenance services are included in our initial proposal and can be provided either at a monthly payment or at a fixed cost that is negotiated at the very first stage of the development process.